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Trading Freedom for Fascism: The State of Things

Such a strong word; Fascism is. It brings up thoughts and images of Mussolini Italy, Adolf Hitler and his puppet Socialist Nazi Regime, and even the Stalinist Regime of the former CCCP. Fascism conjures very strong feelings in all types of people. Emotions ranging from a strong like, to lackadaisical naivety, to extreme Anger and fear.

I cannot speak for Citizens of other countries, but as an American Citizen, I have heard varying view points from my fellow Citizens and except for a small minority of people, who fall into the, "I could Care Less" Category. We as a country seem to be split down the center. Although the definition of the split is not necessarily equal, when it comes to opinions on America, what we really stand for, and if we are truly still a Democratic-Republic or have slipped into Socialism and sliding head-fast into Fascism.

It is true many do not understand what Fascism truly is any more, at least by definition. It is used to label many things people do not like, whether it is people, business, laws, states, and governments, etc.

The root of Fascism comes from the Italian word Fascio which its root comes from the Latin; Fasces. 1]

Fasces is a bundle of sticks or rods that are bound together to signify strength. The more Fasces, the more Strength, also sometimes shown with an axe in it as well. The symbol of Fasces is similar to the phrase 'With Unity comes Strength'. (Also can be found on the back of the U.S. Mercury Dime.)

Fascism was first used by Benito Mussolini in 1919, but seems to be a reference to the Fasci Siciliani of the 1890's. The Fasci conducted early Trade Unions that were founded on Socialist ideologies, though had a mostly practical lure. However the term Fascism more applied to the government of Prime Minister Crispi on how he and his ruling elite behaved when striking down these Fasci and their trade Unions. PM Crispi used public fear of social revolution to strike at all "subversive" organizations, creating a broad and inaccurate agenda which affected both the good and the bad, as it were. 2]

So what does fascism do and what does it entail?
Fascism does not allow any unregulated domestic or foreign markets. The same thing happened with Italy and Germany, both countries accomplishing this through a militaristic empire building of 'Client' states. This ensures a steady flow of needed resources and the ability to prop up their weakening currency that is being inflated to fund domestic programs and military interventions.

Nationalism is the flag of Fascism, they use the Media, Public events and Schools as well as a leader embodied with charisma and the Nationalism movement. A Fascist state pushes compulsory national service for all young adults to drum up support for National Unity while slowly or quickly eroding the sense of individual as well as individual rights.

There is also the creation of external and internal enemies that are allegedly threatening the nation, along with the creation of Public Welfare Programs used to pacify the populous since these programs are offered as protection against unpredictability and the trials and tribulations of our lives.

Fascist regimes offer such things as;

Social Welfare Programs... these are sold as protection from poverty and illness, but what really happens as has happened here in America. All welfare programs take money from taxes, taxes taken from Citizens who work. Welfare programs promote inconstancy and a populous trained to take from the Public Coffers, as well as creating a limited working environment in the process. This process is known as a Welfare Trap/ Unemployment Trap/Poverty Trap. These discourage movement into work due to the taxing out of the earned welfare from the people’s wage. 3]

"A person on welfare finds a part time job that will pay him/her a minimum wage of five dollars per hour, eight hours per week. The forty dollars he/she earns per week will be deducted from their welfare payments leaving him/her with no net gain. Frequently, in fact, they will recover a net loss as the government will also levy a tax on their forty dollars. There may also be extra child-care and commuting costs, now that he/she is no longer able to remain at home all day. Therefore, despite performing eight hours of work productive to society (and, theoretically, themselves) they are now worse off than before they acquired employment." 4]

In such creating strain on the Programs, because it is easier to take from the system than to get off the system, this causes a heavy strain on the welfare programs because less people end up working and so less are paying into the system. This becomes a vicious cycle that can only be gotten out of by the destruction of the system itself.

This is not to say all welfare is bad, however even well regulated welfare systems eventually all end up failing.

They first start with the initiative to help the poor and the elderly and orphans. Then they include the sick, the out of work and the disabled. Finally it covers minority and foreign groups, with usually a heavy lean to only minority and foreign groups and then, well eventually there is little left to support the system because everyone is on the system. The Systems debt increases because the Welfare state has to create money where there is none, this cause inflation... and so on, and so on.

Types of Welfare: (Just a Selection)
1. Social Security
2. Medicare
3. Nationalized/Government Healthcare
4. Food Stamps
5. Family Aid
6. Housing Assistance

Another thing sold to the populous is the Nationalization of Industry and Financial Markets.

This is sold as saving the country and the people from economic loss while subversively passing along debt to each individual citizen. In reality though it is said to be the savior of the Country it is actually the tightening of the Fascist control of finances and industry by the Government, while creating a poverty stricken government dependent society.

Fascism roots itself into the education centers of a country; spreading indoctrination where government is hyped in a positive light, while under-educating the students to their rights and individualism and giving them the belief that they must financially support the State otherwise they are the enemy.

Fascist States create heavy amounts of regulatory requirements of which they say are to protect people from free market systems. Yet in reality it helps favor those who gain from the government regulations at the populous's expense.

These systems create enemies from within and without. Not unlike the United States 'War on Drugs' and the 'War on Terror'. Supposed to protect the masses from these terrible things, however these things like the 'War on Terror' are in part caused by the U.S. of A.'s harmful foreign policy. Both become a War on Freedom turning a Free Republic into a Police State. With even Law enforcement resembling an occupying paramilitary force.

To top it all off, in the beginning of a Fascist take over the State promotes the Values of the Old regime while wrapping in their own distorted philosophies and ideology.
So in places such as the United States of America. Freedom of Speech is a fundamental Inalienable Right, so much so that it was made the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

But in a Fascist regime, they promote things like freedom of speech and press and vote, only if you are agreeing with the State. If you disagree, they allege or even directly call those in disagreement, (Whether Vocal or written), that they are, 'Crazy', they are 'Disruptive', they are 'Violent', they are 'Enemies of the State', they are ' Terrorists', they are; as in the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, called: "Nazis" and "Un-American" 5], because hard working Americans are waking up and deciding to use their 1st Amendment Rights to speak their opinions on a wide variety of topics, but specifically Nationalized Health Care.
And these Citizens that are exercising their fundamental Constitutionally granted Rights are getting berated by their own Government for doing so?!

Well in the article 'Facts are Stubborn Things' by Macon Phillips. the 'White House Director of New Media'. Posted this blog asserting there is much disinformation about the 'Health care reform Bill', about how there are Email scams and rumors that are causing this problem and how the White house cannot keep track of all of them. Stating "Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to [email removed]." 6]

So what is a Fascist State?
An environment where they seduce family, friends and neighbors into snitching on each other for the safety and welfare of the State.

Where freedom of speech is hindered by the State only if you are on the opposing side.

Where the State gives everyone free healthcare, aid, and education although everyone seems to realize when it's too late that the only way to fund such things is through taxing those working and if most everyone is on the system; where is that money coming from. It isn't coming from the politicians and leaders pockets for sure.

Where the state, takes away your rights and freedoms for your safety and protection selling it as 'it will protect you from the criminal elements of society'. Although everyone seems to forget that Laws and regulation that take away personal rights and freedoms to protect them against enemies and Criminals, only protect Enemies and Criminals.
Because Enemies and Criminals DO NOT follow the laws and regulations!

What is a Fascist State?

A place where Freedom of thought, Speech and Action is considered to be a hindrance, a violation and a direct attack on the State and its Leaders themselves.

Where a list is made by a selection of the Government on those who vote against the Winning Party and vote for alternative Parties, (Like the Constitutionalist Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, etc.)

Where a List is made against all those who oppose or have an opinion on Government action and Bills, etc.

So, what is a Fascist State?

Well I am talking about places like the Former Nazi Germany, and Mussolini's Italy; But Others may actually think I am talking about America.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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