Saturday, July 23, 2011

Death, Fundamentalism, and Stupidity!

What more can I say than what the Title brings to the page?

Amy Winehouse is dead, sad and horrible; but not altogether shocking with the type of lifestyle she led, and although there is no answer to the cause of her death, she leaves behind some really good music and many crazy antics throughout her troubled career.

There is deep sadness that is hanging over Norway, and even the World since the Oslo Bombing and the Camp Shootings. The Shooter Anders Behring Breivik, went on a shooting spree for nearly an Hour and a half. Killing originally what was thought to be 85 people, but it seems to be now listed at 92.

The news sources are calling him a 'Right-Wing Christian Extremist', because his Facebook Profile says so, even though Original Reports slated Islamic Terrorists were involved.

What ever reasons this Shooter had to do this awful thing in a Norwegian Kids Camp, and whoever is truly responsible for the Car Bombing in Oslo, all this is going to do is create more manevalance towards Muslims and Christians alike.

Since non-radical Muslims will cry racism and Stereo-typing, and Will want to blame the Christians as a whole. While those who despise Christians will only hear, "Christian" in the news relating to the Shooter and not that he was an Extremist, (and yes folks although we haven't seen a real outward mess of this magnitude of Christian extremism since the Crusades, their are still groups out there that are in the Right-wing Extremist area and not necessarily all Christian, like W.A.S.P., the K.K.K., and the Black Panthers).

This does not mean that any of them are involved and this could even be a False Flag attack by Islamic Extremists, wanting to bring the hatred of the World on their hated religious enemy, that of the Christians.

This wouldn't be the first time in History, some other party, group or person was blamed for something that someone else did, and the World believed it.

Yet that last part about the Islamic's, is yet just speculation, so keep your britches on!

In any case this was a horrible act of killing, horrible because so many innocents died.

And remember that whether it is a CIA agent acting as an Islamic Terrorist, or it is an Islamic Extremist posing as a Christian Extremist, or if it is a Pro-Choicer posing as a Pro-Lifer protester to cause a riot, or a Police officer posing undercover in a non-violent democratic protest, to instigate a fight so to justify their large federally funded budgets. The truth itself is always stranger than fiction, and we will never get the straight story the first go around.

And while all this is happening the naive portions of the population will just keep getting angrier, and assume that their TV Newscaster is telling them the honest truth and some of them will decide to take matters into their own hands based on their limited assumptions, and this will cause even more outcry and more Rights restricting laws will be proposed and probably passed, as if the past 11 years has not proven this, let alone the past 70 here in the United States of America.

And no one in this World seems to understand what the term 'Conspiracy Theory' really means, or even what the true definition of Conspiracy is.

And so on, and so on until we all kill each other off because some idiot had to blow something up or shoot some kids, take down some buildings to start a war to feed the rich and powerful.

It's a shame that not many are left any more, that actually will or even know how to correctly research the background of an incident and the persons involved instead of just following the status quo, which is usually always wrong.

So as the poor Norwegians Suffer today, and the 911 Families and friends still suffer today, and all those who know of or are victims of some heinous criminal act still suffer, nothing at all will really be done except more vengeance and more hate.

Such a vicious circle we all live in today, as we did yesterday.

Many blessings and prayers and tears I send to the Norwegians in this their hour and time of need, as well as to the family and friends of Amy Winehouse.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.


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