Thursday, July 14, 2011 Forever Online!!!

Q101 as WKQX on the FM dial may be going off-air at 01:01am CST, this day of 07/15/2011, but they will be continuing on as Q101 online being around to bring us great Alternative music as well as 979HD2 on your HD Radios as of Monday July 18th, 2011, without the restraints of the music Industry.

Thank You:
Chris Payne, Electra, James Van Osdel, Zoltar, Tim Virgin, Brian the Whipping Boy, Man Cow Mueller, Pogo, Sherman & Tingle, Jaime Black, Scott Hames, Ashley Di Buduo, Guy Bauer, Sludge, Freak, and all the other past and present personalities and staff that made Q101 the greatest Alternative Rock Station in Chicago and maybe even the World for the past 19 years.

You will all be surely missed on the airwaves, and fans like me will continue to follow online and on HD Radio.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

As they began 19 years ago in 1992 with their first song being the Cure's 'Friday I'm in Love', they End it as their last song.
And with this Chris Payne, after his illustrious career, says this is his "Swan Song...", and that he is retiring. Thank You Chris Payne and everyone again for bringing such great personality and music to our ears all these years!

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