Saturday, July 23, 2011

Q101: The Aftermath

So after listening to the old 101.1 over the past week or so on and off, I have yet to hear the 24 Hour News Station, that was slated for this part of the dial.

However I have heard; 1st the DJ-less Days, then it became [101.1 Chocolate FM] a kind of similar sounding station playing music like the Mix FM.

Now it is [101.1 New Fm], still playing pretty much the same format, but now encompasses music you would hear on KissFM, B96, Star96, 959 The River, The Old Q101, the old LoopFM, and 971 The Drive, I have heard everything from 70's Classic Rock to 80's tunes, to Rhianna, Creed, and Pearl Jam.

But then again they could be the same Format, since I also one-time only, heard the pre-recorded Station Identification say; [101.1 New FM, Chocolate FM], so I'm kinda confused, besides where is this All-News Format that was Sooo essential to get rid of the Rock Alternative Format that over 30,000 people in Chicago listened too?

It's definitely not an "Easy Listening" station, but it is easy to listen to; however, with the Chicagoland FM dial lacking in Good Rock Alternative, Rock, and Metal... it is just like some Rich Fool laughing at the rest of us.

In the end "He who has the Gold, Makes the Rules.", and the rest of us who live pay-check-to-pay-check, suffer the most.

Positive: For those 9-5'ers whose bosses only like easy listening in the office, 101.1 FM is now more than likely acceptable, and probably a note better than an actual 'Easy Listening' station.

Negative: No Q101 Alternative Rock!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

-Quote: Unknown Author

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