Monday, October 03, 2011

Amanda Knox; Il Successo!

I debated on how I would write about this story, since it has been 4 years in the making and I am sure most Americans, (save those ardently following it), have forgotten.

In fact I must admit, this had been at the back of my mind recently, due to my own personal life's stressers and battles.

It just so happened after watching early morning ABC-Chicago's news that it came rushing back to me... and I recalled all the injustice of the matter of the Amanda Knox trial, and the 4 years of frustratingly inept forensics and postulating of evidence.

I'm not big on religious practices, and do not like to necessarily bring them up here in my writing, however I prayed in my own way, for a positive outcome for Amanda Knox and Rafaele Sollecito.

As the United Kingdom's Guardian Publication itterated today; "...that the explanation of what happened in Perugia's Via della Pergola on that winter's night in 2007 was actually perfectly simple. A man known to be a petty criminal, Rudy Guede, a drifter from Ivory Coast, broke in, either before or after Kercher returned from a quiet meal with her friends. He took advantage of the situation to try to rape her – a not uncommon occurrence, criminologists say – and, when she put up a vigorous struggle, he slashed her throat."

The evidence was clear and incontrovertible, yet the defense took on a completely different route that was not only illogical, but was not evidenced to the fact.

It makes me glad that I live in the United States of America, with a Justice system, (although corrupt in its own manner), still much better than anywhere else in the World.

I do however appreciate Amanda's Legal team who stuck with Amanda and her family and kept pushing for the truth to come out. As well I also appreciate and the Jury and Judges of the Appeals Court in Italy that took on the case again so that this injustice could be rectified.

I can't even imagine what Amanda Knox and her family and friends even Rafaele Sollecito and his Family and Friends, too, and what they are going through at this moment. However I suspect that it is full of tears of happiness and joy, and maybe even a disbelief that they are finally free.

I of course still hope for swift Justice for Meredith Kercher and her Family, that the real criminal is brought to Justice and sentenced for such a heinous crime.

I do hope in this aftermath that the World Press and Citizens of every Country that followed this case, give all Family's involved the proper time and respect to settle back together and contemplate their existence in the manner they so choose, (as Amanda's Sister Diana requests).

Congratulazioni per il vostro successo, Amanda Knox e Rafaele Sollecito!

For all those naysayers out there, this for me never had anything to do with how Amanda and or Rafaele looked, or their Family's pleas. This had everything to do with the evidence, what was actually found and how it wasn't followed to it's natural conclusions. The fumbling, purgery, and total misappropriation of the evidence at hand has always been quite clear, especially to anyone who understands Collection of Evidence, DNA , witness testimony, as well as other inter-related items, that process individuals in courts of law.
This also shows an monumental failure of the Italian Police force involved as well as the original Jury who took obviously manipulated evidence and used it against the defendants.
Incidents like these happen even here in the U.S.A where there is a desire to wrap a case up quickly; whether to quash Press inquiry, or personal prejudices, or any other form of desire. These do happen from time to time. Yet the facts remain that evidence was ignored, and individuals were convicted on faulty if not misleading evidence, and that the real killer has had a 4 year pass all this time. I have been wrongly accused myself, and I understand how it feels to have no one understand such abuses. Even though the truth is so clearly wrought.
Granted I have never been jailed because of wrongful accusation, but the emotional distraught is similarly founded.
I am glad that Justice has been served, finally, and hope that the real killer is brought to Justice soon!

I have here some of the text of Amanda's Final Plea, and here is the full video.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
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