Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day: The Tragedy

Anyone with an education will know who Christopher Columbus is, that he sailed in the 1490's to find a short cut to India, but ended up in the Caribbean instead.

That He met with the local Natives and called them Indians, and went back to Spain and had subsequent return trips.

Yet what most don't know is that he committed Genocide in the name of the Spanish Crown and Catholicism. Burning at the stake those who would not convert, Taking baby's and throwing them against rocks, cutting up the natives and sending the dogs on them.

He managed to take a population in the millions and bring it down to the 100,000's and eventually killed them all off.

Although I am of the opinion after seeing videos and other documentation decrying Columbus Day as a Holiday, and although I do support removing it, I do not believe that it is the most important issue belying the Natives.

However after being a bit harsh on this issue to some friends I figured I'd do them the honor of making this issue more accessible to the Public, even if it is a small contribution.

This link has a great article detailing the sanitizing of Columbus Day and his Atrocities.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
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