Friday, October 07, 2011

When I was little...

When I was little...

I Played the Indian against the Cowboy, I didn't want to be President I wanted to be an Astronaut, Math gave me Migraines, (Literally), but I could tell you why the Country was in the state it was in because of my love for History.

I hated Country music but I loved the Blues, and even though I didn't fully understand why we hated the Communists so much, I still looked past the stereotyping and hate mongering and thought that the Russian People were really no different than you and I, it was just the Governments at fault somehow.

I was so shy I'd shake and tremble just at the thought of going on stage or dancing in front of people, but I loved to talk and I'd dance my heart out by myself.

Now that I'm all grown up, I love the Natives, and Pity the Cowboys, I still want to be an Astronaut and to hell with being a leader indebted to criminals.

Math still hurts my head though I found an appreciation for it in College, and I still promote that History is our sounding board.

I don't really hate Country music anymore but Blues is still my Favorite because it spawned so many great sub-genres of music, including but not limited to Rock 'n Roll, Chicago House Music, Contemporary Rock, and even in some distant effect; Eletronic music itself.

And although I despise anyone who thinks or promotes the idea that Equality is making everyone but 1% of the population poor, homeless and without property rights a way of life while that 1% gets Fat Rich of everyone else... I still think the Russian People are Amazing, then as now, kind of like a distant Cousin that we really should get to know better, instead of just following the old family standard of hating on them.

I still get nervous talking to a group of people especially on stage; but I can do it now, and although my family thinks otherwise, I have danced my heart out in  front of thousands of people many times.

I have always been a little different, but difference is good, difference causes change, change creates new ideas and new things, and new ideas and new things can build the foundation to a better future.

If we were all the same, we wouldn't have an identity, we wouldn't have the ability to identify with or learn to be different like someone else since we'd all be the same.

We wouldn't have a voice because without rights there is no right to speak, and there is nothing worse than a society that cannot speak for itself, whether they are right or wrong.

Nothing progressive ever happens in a society that does not dare to dream, and dream different.

Although I am saddened and abhorred by the state of the Union today, I still believe that the United States of America is the Greatest place on Earth.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2011 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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