Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'm The Timeless

I have lately been on a Vampire kick (no I am not into modern Goth or Emo), but I do have a passing interest in just about anything Vampire (Modern and Classic).

Having read through Richelle Mead's [Vampire Academy] Series and just finished the tenth book in P.C. & Kristin Cast's [House of Night] series; both actually quite good and amusing.

Although not Vampire/Vampyre is related on the Immortal element, I finished Alyson Noël's [Immortals] series and it was delightful.

I decided to get my hands on a 2002 Canadian (1 season only), T.V. series called [Vampire High], it has that way overboard late 90's drama T.V. feel in what you might find similar to the filming styles of Buffy and Angel but much more subdued.

Not that great, but there are elements of it that had promise.

In either case, I got an urge and in these late night (Early Morning), moments, there tends to be some Genius.
I wrote my first ever Vampiric Poetry. Not really consciously, but I gather all the Vampiric stories lately have gotten my Mind abrewing, so it is no real surprise I churned out something of this caliber.

I hope at least one of you may appreciate this, even if just for poetic fondness.

-I'm The Timeless-

The Vampyre inside my Mind
The Vampyre inside my Soul
The drug of my senses
The Acid-like perception filling
I'm one to talk and then
The thoughts were already put there

Timeless infatuation
Timeless meandering
The road filled with death
The senses rip away
My reality, my Humanity
The effects of ageless thought

The measure of a moment
The sum of these parts
As I stutter through Time
Fulfilling of this aphotic desire
I am the looking glass
And the World becomes senseless

Atramental goodness maturates
Atramental ascension augments
Within I touch my obsidian surface
And I bleed the blue of the white rabbit
Here I will dream I will think
Thoughts that are not my own

The Vampyre inside my Self
The Vampyre inside my whole
World cracks and crumbles and
The rush of the endorphins feeds
On the ledge of my sanity
I speak sweet nothing to myself.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.
Copyright © 2013 R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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