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U.S Government Shutdown... Maybe (Oct. 01st 2013)

 U.S. Government Shutdown (slated possibly for Oct. 01st, 2013), would affect NASA as well.
"A government shutdown on Tuesday (Oct. 1) would force NASA to cease most of its operations and furlough the vast majority of its workforce, space agency officials say.
Fewer than 600 of NASA's 18,000 or so employees would likely keep working through a shutdown, with the aim of ensuring the safety of human life and the protection of property, according to a plan the space agency submitted today (Sept. 27) to the Office of Management and Budget.
The International Space Station (ISS) and its six crewmembers would not be hung out to dry." -By Mike Wall, Senior Writer

Shutdown or no Shutdown, the root problems won't be solved in my Country. If we shutdown, the Democrat Party will blame the Republican Party, (Though the Dems have refused any compromise to in specific the Obamacare bill, to alleviate the clauses that will harm both our economy and our Citizens). If we don't shut down the Repubs will blame the Dems for refusing to budget themselves and opting to spend heedlessly into the future.
"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that, ”I have said all along it is not a good idea to shut down government,” he said, adding, “it is not a good idea to give the president 100 percent of what he wants on Obamacare without compromise.”

“We have been offering him compromises,” Paul said. “Many on his side say there are problems, the Teamsters say there is a problem, Warren Buffett says there are problems, even former President Bill Clinton says there are problems with Obamacare. Why won’t the president negotiate and come to a compromise on trying to make ObamaCare less bad?” "

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But in the end, the Repubs and the Dems in Congress with opposing Party Presidents (In regards to Presidents 41-44), have always refused to prevent a real budget and the continuing voting down of the Proposed 28th Amendment.

What should be done is shutting down and merging Departments of U.S. Gov. which would by itself save money (cutting government cost and reducing waste), but the likelihood of that happening when people would lose jobs with such an act (Jobs that never should have been), is slim to none; save some kind of 'Revolution' (Peacful or otherwise), that would cause that to happen.

And that would still not fix the root of the issue, but it'd be a start.

Many of us are trying our hardest to fight within the system, the problem is though that the system itself is now broken and our efforts are wasted and probably futile.

The portayal of American People in U.S. News Theater, is that a minority are angry and the rest are happy follow along blindly sheep. The Reality is that most of the People are pissed off, from the Patients in the Health care system to the Pharmacists and Doctors to every other person. (An obvious generalization), but for those I meet in my career, I hear it from all ends and the bottom line is what I see and hear on the street reflects anger and distrust compared to the News Medias positive bias take.
In the end it's the Citizens that get screwed, when they allow the Government to run Amok. And our Government here in the U.S. is definitely running amok, like a side-show at a Circus for the whole World to see...

A problem we Americans have now is,
that if we don't handle our Mess we have allowed to be made (Everything that causes other Countries and people to get mad at us), Someone else will most likely try and handle it for us. A prospect I do not look forward to.

States are reinforcing the right to bear arms and even in my State (IL), that was the last hold out for Concealed carry has stepped (however gingerly), up to the plate.

The Feds (in general), are trying to ban guns with more vehemency than even in previous years. at least 15 States have considered Seceding from the Union a few times over the past couple years (Texas being the Loudest at one point).

No one here is really happy, but Americans historically would rather be isolationists (in one form or another [Not necessarily bad]), but our previous generations made the mistake of ignoring our Government, with the same mentality. And it takes (historically), something 'Big' for the majority of Americans to Rise up together over something. Otherwise we are like half asleep kids who are angry but are distracted.

It's sad really, and our current nonchalance toward our own Government has re-percussive effects to other Nations, too.

With all the peaceful efforts I and others make here stateside on a daily basis, we can only hope, and pray (for those of us that do), that good things will come.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

Update 10.30.2013

With the Government shutdown in effect for the United States, one needs to consider some obvious things that most are not seeming to consider.

1) Many Libertarians (Or so claimed), via Social Media are reacting to this like a party. A real Libertarian would not be happy with a Shutdown. Why? Because of the numerous domino effects that it can possibly cause. This type of reaction is more in aligned with Anarchic mentality than Libertarian.

2) A shutdown seems spectacular but will it really help over hindering. The Republicans and some Democrats and Independents are trying to momentarily stop debt increase and push to amend draconian language and clauses in the Obamacare act. And although I agree (as one with Libertarian disposition), that we need to stop government waste, spending, and reduce the Government in size and as well as bureaucracy. I am not positive that a shutdown will actually help with all of the issues we need to be looked into and handled.

3) A shutdown yes as the Libertarian's and Anarchists and other Unaligned (Not that I would ever suggest any of these mentioned are aligned together in platform at all), persons throughout the Internet Universe, believe this will cause people to 'hopefully' wake up to the reality of their situation.
But will they wake up the right way? Much of the American Citizenry whether by actual need or by greed and laziness (Though anyone who has been through a Bureaucratic system for anything knows it is stressful and incompetent at best and being lazy will not help you), are locked into Federal Programs, Some Welfare Related and others not. But regardless these people will if the shutdown goes long enough start to protest and some may even become violent (a strong possibility especially in low income areas), giving credence to those in Government who want to keep the government open and keep spending with no real resolution to the issues plaguing our Country and Government.

4) State and Federal Employees who rely on work and wages from the Federal Government, will over the next couple days to weeks be laid off and some may even lose there jobs entirely if this goes on long enough. I do not agree that all the positions in government are or were ever truly needed and do need to be eventually cut out and trimmed down (However there are ways to thin the giantess of Government and find much of the workers jobs elsewhere in the private sector instead of suddenly chopping off limbs). But the possibility that these people will at least protest because they have family's and bills and need to at the very least eat, is high.

5) It seems very few have considered the possibility this was a well calculated risk put in motion by some of our 'so called' leaders, to instigate those Americans well woven into the government teet, to fight for more Government, by using their fears against them. Fear that losing services and money that regular people have to pay for (not only for themselves but for those who use these 'Welfare' services), will ignite a pro big government movement so that they can keep leeching off, instead of using other methods and ways to help not only themselves but America as a whole.

6) Some Libertarians and others seem to think this may spark a revolutionary type attitude among what is termed the 'Sleeping Sheeple' or those Americans who blindly (whether do to ignorance or lack of care), follow the Government 'Party Line', instead of thinking for themselves and researching (Real Research, not just reading Yahoo News or watching Fox or CNN), into what they hear and see daily. They seem to postulate that a spark of revolutionary proportions could help fuel enough mistrust and dislike against current Government policies that 'everyone will rise up and force a change'. As nice as some may think that would be, I suspect this shutdown will have less than desirous effects for those of us wanting to bring the Government back to [Serving] the People instead of [Enslaving] the people.

Everything our high ended leaders do is 'calculated', and many Americans it seems have lost the ability to deduce, use logic, and common sense. Many think Investigative reporting entails looking at CNN, Fox News, Internet News that is Mainstream or not and that somehow gives one a clear perspective on the 'Truths' of the matter when you only get just 'Facts'.
Our collective 'Sense and Sensibility' is finding itself quite lackluster and signs of any real intelligent life as well.

I hope that we as Americans can get through this and make some positive changes for the actual betterment of these United States and all of us Citizens. Otherwise it will just be more of the same status quo and as free rights bearing Citizens we will have lost. Lost our Freedoms, our Security and lost our Right to truly govern the Government as is our sacred duty.

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