Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Watergate... Again!

A Texas Law firm was burglarized for Whistle Blower information while many people where Mesmerized by the George Zimmerman case.

as The Daily Sheeple's Douglas J. Hagmann puts it:

"Being a whistleblower under the tyrannical rule of Barack Hussein Obama seems to be getting a bit “dicey” these days. So too is being a law firm representing such whistleblowers. If you’re not subjected to extravagant 21st century NSA surveillance technology, you just might end up being the victim of a less-glitzy, low-tech 1970′s Watergate era style burglary. According to the mainstream media under Obama, of course, these things simply don’t happen. Oh, except that they do, but you’re just not supposed to know about them."

Well now, 'Old School' tactics in a 'New School' World.

It is amazing the Criminal Behavior enacted upon by our Government against law abiding Citizens.

the article goes on to state:

"This was no second rate burglary, stated one investigative source close to this writer with knowledge about the case. “While you have two people who look very ordinary and unprofessional, it was likely set up to look that way. This was a very precise burglary – the perpetrators knew exactly what to look for and take , and were likely told what to take,” stated this source. Also, there was an unlocked office full of valuable items right across the hall of the law office. They could have hit a burglar’s lottery, but they chose not to. In fact, they were quite obvious as to what they were after, and the connection here is to the State Department whistleblower records,”"

It turns my stomach, how about you?

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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