Wednesday, July 03, 2013

What First Amendment?

I bet most people missed this because of one thing or another, all those T.V. and White House Distractions... There... So... Hard.. To.. Look.. Away... From...

Those American Ancestors of our modern Americans, who lived and fought in the Revolutionary War & the War of 1812, would be turning in their graves that barely anyone noticed that our Inalienable Right to Free Speech and Religion was just Denied to a Citizen by a group of Judges who are supposed to protect that Right.

(Just so this Citizen would not be aloud to use the 1st Amendment in his Court Case.

Last I checked it was Unconstitutional to forbid a Constitutional right in any Matter to a U.S. Citizen.

1) because, it is an Inalienable Right, {A Right that Cannot be Lien-ed against/ or taken away from...}
2) because, Rights come from the Creator/God and cannot be usurped legally by any Man.
3) because, our Judicial and Governmental system was set up to Protect such things from those who would work and or use tactics to prevent those Rights from us.

So why aren't more Americans Angry!?

Why aren't more Americans Protesting in the Streets, Sequestering the Government, and demanding  the impeachment of any 'Public' Official in support of actions that are in Violation of our Rights!?


I could give a million reasons why and they'd all be correct, suffice it to say there is a grand scale of apethetic Laissez-faire attitude among Most Americans.

Many who although do get angry for a brief moment, but then get lost in their 'Reality' T.V. Shows, Sports, Trash talk T.V. shows, Social Networking and petty daily concerns to fully care about how they will eventually have nothing.

Materialism is a Double Edged Sword and it is being used against us. To help us look the other way while Criminals take us for all we are worth.

If the Courts are denying one Man his Due Right of Free Speech Today, Tomorrow You and I won't have it either.

Wake Up, America! Before there is nothing left to save!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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