Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wartime Build up In Pacific (Philippines-Australia)

Wargames in the Pacific Theatre:

From the Philippines to Australia, gearing up against China?

We have an unprecedented Build up of U.S. and Japanese troops right now this July in the Philippines, in response to an 'Oppressive Neighbor', which in this case is China.
But it is not just the Philippines, the larger Pacific theater seems to be up for the challenge as U.S. Troops are playing at Wargames in Queensland Australia as well.

I recall reading in History class about the folly of setting up of more than one front for a wartime situation. The U.S. is currently working at Destabilizing Syria, and we are already inserted into Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (for the most part), and a few other places gearing up for a fight against Iran.

I'm not saying the Chinese Government isn't a threat, however this (at least in a historical fashion) reminds me of Germany pre-WWII setting up for the war to come.

No good comes from war except by those who profit from it (Profit is not just about money).

It is Possible, the U.S. (More likely the World Bank), may try and default on their loans from China, but this would only be one small part and parcel to the much bigger issue at hand. If we go to war with Iran, we will automatically be going to war with China, and this will invariably cause North Korea to possibly enter into the arena as well (Not a serious threat to better funded and better equipped Nations like the U.S., however in a fight against two large decently if not well equipped nations like China and Iran, North Korea would suddenly become tasking. And how do the Russian work into all of this anyways?

Bringing 15,000 troops to oversee disasters and large U.S. Events (Quite General isn't it) and Russia also is a supporter of Iran (at least through Military and Technology Trading), this creates quite a conundrum. Almost like Our World is being run by Megalomaniacal, Narcissistic, Schizophrenic personalities.

Either way be very aware that something big is going on and we (at least in the U.S.), are quite ill-informed.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

*I want to thank Dee Smith of Australia who Operates the 'Thy Always Seek' Facebook Group for bringing this to our attention. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-03/thousands-of-troops-to-invade-central-qld-for-war/4795962)

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