Friday, January 16, 2009

Gaza; The Four Letter Word of Ancient Palestine.

For the past couple of days or however long this Israeli insurrection into the Gaza Strip has been going, is becoming like a four letter word of an indiscretionable nature. Yet I speak not of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip I speak of the stain that Israel is putting out to the World, and it has become such a stain that it can no longer be bleached out.

I do not disregard the fact that Terrorist actions on behalf of some of the peoples living in and or operating in the Gaza Strip, however it does not explain the actions of the Israeli Government.

I do not also blame all of Israel, for it is the Zionist movement that has always had more of a militaristic and combative nature that the other elements within Israel do not.

I know many of the Jewish community that condemn these actions of Israel, (Israeli Nationals, U.S. Citizens, and the like), but as we here in the U.S. of A. and as well as those around the World just do not see a stop coming to this and are completely abhorred by it.

What Israel is doing is an act of total obliteration of a place and its people, people of mixed heritages that which is Gaza.
They claim all sorts of reasons, (by which my own country is not innocent of), reasons that portray them as the victim as they pile drive the Gaza Strip into more dust than is already occupied there.

I seem to remember another country under the control of tyrannical leaders, doing quite a similar thing back in 1939. Now do I believe the Leaders of Israel are tyrannical? I haven't in the past but I am willing to assume, (as we all know how well assumptions tend to turn out), that the Leaders of Israel have misdirected intentions, that this is a mistake, and that they need to re-evaluate their actions. Yet that is becoming harder and harder to assume over the past many years and especially right now.

Some days I think the level of Humanity in the World has dropped to new lows, I and most everyone else tries to ignore it, but some thing cannot and simply should not be ignored.
Now there are some things that have been lost and other things that just never where when it comes to protecting your sovereignty as a nation and resolving things in a peaceful nature, and I do understand that things in the middle east are complicated but so is everything. I also understand that some of these complications are a constant result of some of the Bordering power nations and even the U.S.

But that aside, oneself and even a Country should conduct itself in a manner befitting a Country of the 21st Century. Granted there are not many good examples of what I speak of, most falling back to points in history that none of us were alive for. However, maintaining a level of discretion and allowing for a modest assortment of propriety when dealing with volatile situations, should for the most be on everyones mind.

This doesn't mean one should be a 'Poster Boy' for the World or even have to follow others examples, yet the question is begged what is your end solution when you are outright slaughtering masses of citizenry, under the guise of 'terrorist cleansing', (again I state the U.S. is not innocent here), and then proceed to bombard a United Nations installation, (which Israel is apart of), of which people are taking shelter in to avoid this violent act.

Israel claims that there were attacks from that area towards Israel and that may have been true, but even though I have no faith in the U.N. in its policies and various other of its applications. I cannot consider that the U.N. would allow criminal and or war like activity to take place within the sovereignty of its complexes and buildings.

The fact that Israel continued to bombard the U.N. installation with innocent non-combatants inside even after the U.N. was continuously trying to stop it from happening.

This is aggrievous in nature and I consider it a crime of most foul, if it is true that Hamas or some other Militant group fired on Israel, from or near the location of the U.N. Installation, the Israeli Government and or Military should have taken care to warn the U.N. facility of a bombardment in the area as well as taken care to not hit the facility. The technology of missile guidance systems are in an age that it is near impossible to miss your target except by sheer force of will.

This reminds me a lot of the incident during the Conflict in Vietnam when Israeli forces bombed and continued to bomb a U.S. Military ship after request to not do so, the ship being not equipped to defend itself against such an attack was there in Vietnam as observation only and was not a physical threat to anyone in Vietnam or by any means Israel, (there is more aggravation to this than just Israel in the Vietnam matter but the case and point are made.)

Israel has a history of self initialized violence and are no more victims than their neighbors, I personally cannot condone Israel's actions this week or even this past day, even in light of the Terrorist group Hamas and the other militant factions out there that pose a threat to Israel.

One of the main oppositions to the Peace process between Israel and it's neighbors has well been Israel itself. Politically speaking Peace while it bombs the life out of its neighbors, is just bad business and signs of being just as bad as those they condemn are so.

'God's chosen people' or as the Israeli's purport to be, should take another gander at their Torah and take more time out to pray to YHVH and listen a little harder when YHVH speaks to them, for I find it hard to believe even YHVH would condone the actions and travesties that Israel seems to be committing at this moment in Time.

I ask like so many others in the World community for Israel to lay down it's arms against Gaza and actually make an effort towards not killing innocent people, for there are other solutions.

R. William Holzkopf jr.

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