Friday, January 23, 2009

Terry Kath : January 23rd, 1978 : In Memorium

January 23rd, 1978; Monday:

Terry Kath, the lead singer and a guitarist of the Band 'Chicago', was a brilliant stage performer, brilliant composer, and an amazing guitarist.

Terry was so good, that even Jimmy Hendrix who had gone to see Chicago in Concert, remarked about Kath; "I'm pretty good, Man, but this cat blows me away!"

Kath was a self learned musician and played many instruments including the banjo, bass and drums, the accordion and the guitar

Kath though wasn't very good at reading or writing music, however he would hum out the tunes of his original compositions to his bandmates which would help create the masterpieces many of us know today.

Some of the tracks by Chicago that are still popular and known with the younger and newer generations today are:

25 or 6 to 4 : Video/Song

Questions 67 & 68 : Video/Song

I'm a Man : Video/Song

Uptown: Video/Song

So whether you saw Kath when he was alive or enjoy his music or are just coming across this for the first time.

Take a couple moments and give respect to Terry Kath, a Man of whom without his musical genius, we would be that much the lesser for it.

This is dedicated to Terry Kath on the anniversary of his untimely and tragic accidental death on January 23rd, 1978

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