Thursday, January 08, 2009

Something to chew a bit and then Laugh hysterically at!

So this British News Show called 'Banksy' bought a whole bunch of Paris Hilton Cd's, Took out the inserts, modified them and put them back on the shelves:

Below excerpted from (Youtube link modified since original link was bad.)
"In August 2006 42 stores in the UK were restocked by Banksy with 500 reworked versions of Paris Hilton's debut CD. Paris's album, widely regarded as being unhindered by talent, was until this point looking a dead cert for the pound shop. But suddenly it got a whole new lease of life with up to five extra copies being sold.

There's a great video showing how this whole caper was pulled off on Youtube.

The CD itself contains a sampled track with titles such as "why Am I Famous", What Have I Done" and "What Am I For" listed on the cover. The remixing is credited as Banksy and DM - a reference to Danger Mouse who is the producer behind the second Gorillaz album, the Grey Album and Gnarls Barkley.

Inside the cover the doctored pictures have new slogans splashed across them including "Life Wasn't Meant To Be Fair", "90% of success is just showing up" and "Every time someone asks me how I am I hesitate for a little bit too long".

Anyone picking a copy up intending to buy the real Paris Hilton album shouldn't be too disappointed - the first one sold on EBay allegedly went for £750.

STATUS: All probably now long gone from the shelves of Britain's high street retailers."

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For the Liberty Challenged...

Another swell work of art by Banksy:

Below excerpted from

"Every unveiling needs a master of ceremonies - cue MC Dynamite to do the honours:

"Congratulations on acquiring your new monument. It is dedicated to thugs, bullies, liars, thieves, the corrupt, the arrogant and the stupid. Essentially it is dedicated to the entire British Legal system".

A cartoon character Tony Blair came out to inspect London's newest monument...a 'cheap, fake royal impersonator' as promised indeed."


This and that, leads me to this of course:

To my readers, I neither condone nor approve of the above actions taken by Banksy, nor should anyone do as they did ever!
However it is an interesting piece of news I thought worthy to regurgitate.
And the Corrupt Liberty sculpture, in lieu of what had occurred and why it was brought about is just a good and loud statement, that more people should make.
Of course the Banksy sculpture is in Britain, but that doesn't mean My American readers should forgo notice.
The only watchdog of any Government, is its People, its Citizens. If their are injustices occurring and the system is letting it happen. And no one is asking about it or doing anything about it, Who should be?
Hopefully I will never have to answer that question outright, since the answer is plain as day.

The one thing I always liked about America, the way it used to be, the way it is supposed to be, and the way many foreigners seem to not wholly grasp.
Is the fact that in America you can question authority... Question it to keep it in check, even if one is bold faced wrong they still can question.
That is the beauty of the system that was set up, every Citizen is a 'Check and Balance' to each and every part of the system.
Thus a watch dog for every watch dog for every part of the system, and every part of the system a watch dog to and for each other.
[If there is still a Public school out there in the U.S. that teaches the truth and application of the Democratic-Republic, I will be most surely surprised.]
Yet, sadly... I really do wonder about the state we're in!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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