Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Health, or to Sickness... That is the Question.

As I ponder my thoughts, while I jingle the only money I currently have in my pocket and look to eat processed junk that will surely kill me and anyone else that even takes a whiff.

I dream of fresh garden produce and other natural food stuffs, that can only make ones mouth water to some extent, at least in the knowledge that it is what your body needs and requires and won't kill you, (Unless your allergic, but that is something else).

I have over the years tried to cut out the unhealthy and being young still this is even more advantageous... it means possible longer life, healthier years, less sickness and medicine.
However it seems to me even coming from the ever shrinking middle class of America that it is but a Rich Mans game and I don't even have enough change in my pocket to get in the door, let alone get dealed in at the table.

Most all of our food seems to be Corporately controlled at some level and most of that food if not all, has some form of processing done to it to bleach out anything useful to our bodies in addition to all the additives that are raining terror on our bodies as well.

Cancer has struck on both sides of my family, both parents, most my immediate grandparents, so health has been a close issue to me for some time. Not just because of the cancer, but health issues that plagued me when I was younger and a few things that still do today.

So eating healthy is by far on the top of my list, even to the extent of going vegan.

Now the most disturbing thing to me is probably Human Nature and its obsession with destruction and the obfuscated and twisted view of the World. All the greed, the desire for power and control of things and people.

So while I slowly kill myself in eating this microwave dinner, I must speak out against some more travesties against us Humans and even the plants and animals involved.

Did you know that rights are being violated as I write here, and this is not even getting major new coverage? I'm not surprised, but you might be... With all these self serving interest groups and corporate entities full of people, Human just like you and me though I use the Classification of Human in regards to they ever so carefully, because I am not really sure if that is true.

All these people getting a pay check just like everyone else, (at least those of you still retaining a job in this tough economic time). These people who have family, loved ones, people they care about... Heck even just themselves. Yet they support and push for things that will hurt, maim, kill and destroy each and everyone of us.

What perversion is this, is there a new drug in our water supplies we don't know about yet? Of course this can't be, things like this have been going on since before I was even born, in fact it has a place in almost every facet of our recorded history. Yet the fact remains that it is still ongoing and it seems to be ceaseless with no end in sight and it is only getting worse.

To grow up in the freest Nation in the World and yet encounter and have to be subjected to an by such crimes against humanity, is preposterous to say the least.
Has our society become so complacent that crimes against oneself is a way of life and no action is required.

On a side note, I remember after September 11th, 2001 the phrase, "Freedom isn't Free!", rolling off the tongues of almost ever person in America from street urchins all the way up to the President of the United States of America. What seemed odd to me is that no one seemed to care, yes there was rage and anger and sadness but no one seemed to care about there freedom. Words are empty if the have no meaning to you, you can say them till you're blue in the face but if you do not believe what is being said, there is no power in it.

I know there are those of you out there that do believe and try and fight every single day to make it so, but the rest of us, seem to have forgotten, seemed to have cared less about the freedoms we were spouting and more about the amenities we wanted in life.
The state of our nation is proof of that and I don't even need to go into the whys or the hows, because well, we all lived it, most have just chose to ignore it.

I look at our nation and see a complacent, passive-aggressive, bi-polar, and hopped up on pharm- drugged society that will believe anything that is thrown in our faces even when some of our politicians and doctors are feeding us poison openly and we don't even care.

Which brings me back to my first point, while randomly researching various topics and subjects I happened upon this, and it appalled me. I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked and surprised, but I was. I knew about corporate farming and how it was destroying the individual farmer. I have seen firsthand the destructive power of corporate entities loose with rabid intent and big government wielding out of control. I know some of these farmers personally and it is atrocious how their rights have been violated, from illegal land grabbing to being threatened with fines and jail if they don't go along with unhumanitarian initiatives and or destructive measures.

Sadly I believe we are nearing the end of the beginning for things such as these and when even an Amish farmer is being threatened, to me at least this presents some serious alarm bells going off, and I mean serious! When the Amish and their branch-offs are being threatened by the Government sworn to protect them and the rest of us as well as Corporate interests, it is a sad day.

The case seems to be that a faction or a group of people in our government and corporations want to take away our right to clean and healthy food products whether plant or animal grown, (Animal food stuffs is a serious topic as well but I will digress to maintain point). 'They' want all animals and seeds to be genetically altered and grown, so that there are patents on everything, so there is no free public use, creating a complete system of enslavement.

And what happens when we only have genetically engineered seeds at our disposal; what happens when someone wants to grow a garden and the food that is grown is not healthy at all but the stuff cancers, heart attacks, and disease are made of. For those that eat meat, what happens when there are no original cows, or bison, or fish, or chicken, or turkeys left... since the past 20 years have shown that genetically engineered meats have caused more health issues than the original.

This is not only about attacks on religious freedoms by Government and Corporate interests, this is and attack on our food supply, it is an attack on the individuals right to maintain a job for the benefit of their and other families. It is an attack on ourselves, each individual, each one of us is having a crime committed against us, so I say to you all, "Freedom isn't Free"!

However, I doubt those words have any meaning anymore... Patriotism is dead but its corpse is being paraded by people who wish to profit off our sickness and death. Hope is lost to most yet it is still being spouted by those whose tongues are tainted with lies and deception. Liberty has been whored out to the World and they don't even want it. Our Freedom died completely with great applause almost nine years ago and it seems no one can support themselves any more and we are taught in our homes, schools, and places of work that our one true parent is the government and they should be our thoughts, our decisions, our lives, we have let the one power in this World that was a servant of the people become the oppressor of the people.

So I say No! Freedom isn't free, it has to be fought for constantly and we have just given up on the most important thing to freedom; Self preservation of Individual thought and action.

First control the schools, their Minds you'll have; Second control their rights, (Food, Healthcare, Speech, Religion, etc.), and you'll control their Bodies; Third finalize control on independence,(Make everyone totally incompetent and require dependence upon the Government), and you'll metaphorically have their Souls.

Americans today still fear Socialism and Communism, and speak ill of these things, and how we have to protect ourselves from these things and more.

At what cost, at what price did we sell off our common sense America?

It is already here, it has been for quite some time, (one reason why the rest of the World doesn't Fear or Respect us anymore.).

We are no longer in the sunshine of our Libertine birth, and though I'd hate to use this analogy it is the one that comes to mind... We are in the "Empire Strikes Back" of our Nations history.

...And there is no "Luke Skywalker" to save us...

R. William Holzkopf Jr.




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