Friday, January 16, 2009

Un moment de pause, pendant que je reflète.

A moment of pause, while I reflect.

So I met or possibly encountered an amazing individual this past month, she goes by the Alias of Ipomée and is just absolutely amazing!
She has her own Blog at Live Journal called 'RAW SWEET POTATOE', though that is not where I met her.

She is from France; she is a Model, she is an Artist, and she is a Photographer.
Her sketches speak volumes and are excellent pieces of work, and put mine to shame. Of course I haven't sketched much in years, save what I wasn't able to produce via a graphic design program.

However it is that I was not much of a characture person myself, wanted to... just wasn't very good at. Give me Nature, Mechanical, Logo design, things of that nature, I will battle with the best.
However anything that dealt with the reproduction of people, I shy away. I do have a few good pieces I may show someday of people but until then, I deliver to you Ipomée.

Ipomée is also the name of a species of plant flowers:

Go check out my friends Blog and have a wonderful day!

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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