Monday, January 12, 2009

A rotting corpse, is still a rotting corpse...

A rotting corpse, is still a rotting corpse no matter how much perfume, cologne, and makeup you adorn it with.
As so is China's Espionage against the U.S., which little or few Americans even notice, from Wal-mart to Wall Street, we Americans are being targeted to help those that wish to bury us.
This is not that I believe all Chinese are bad and seek ill will toward the United States, however... with all the ill-content being purveyed toward us Americans whether at fault of our Government or that of others. China is the scorpion in our bed sheets, and we better take notice, and quick.
This Article portrays it best, (, and will scare the pants off you. If it doesn't, I would worry about what your eating and who's paying your salary.
The Chinese government is determined to make war against us, Why, I really don't understand it, except that it probably has to do with power and greed.
Either way, knowledge is power and to know the name of thine enemy gives you power over them. The name of the enemy is the Chinese government; teaching and paying its people to spy on us in an effort to wage war against us. one such way is by affixing new computers and laptops with tracking devices that route information from your new device to the Chinese.
How sickening is that, it is seeming to be out of some totalitarian sci-fi flick but in fact is reality.
If we were sickened by the Clinton Administration for giving away American Technological secrets, meant for the protection and defense of our nation. The we should be utterly appalled and abhorred by what the Bush Administration has done.
This and more crimes against our nation by China are in the above listed article, and with all the maleficence by our corporate entities and how they all discredit our integrity, gives me pause to reflect and wish that items we buy, were still "Made in Japan".

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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