Thursday, January 08, 2009

Think Twice before you think!!!

Scientists created a machine that can see your thoughts:
The results of this research by Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories can be found in the December 11th, 2008 issue of US science journal Neuron.

Granted this is in its infant stage, or maybe toddler depending who's talking, but it is still quite amazing what the scientists are doing, they will have color soon...

This is both welcome and disturbing in the same light, in my opinion.
On one side, this will help with neurological disorders, handicaps, and other medical related items.
This also when the Household companion items comes to market, will be great for all those Dreams you have, but are never awake enough... or are just too lazy to write them down... I am a little of both.
As well, it will be a new niche for Hollywood... come on... you can just imagine, and no two thought processes will be alike...well we can hope.

The down side, brings to mind '1984' type horror moments and unregulated Sci-fi like control.
It's bad enough corporations like Wal-Mart sew RFID tags into there clothing lines, but there are tracking sensors in our money, Most everything is going to a credit based system and I am not talking about Credit cards, though that is a part of it. The U.S. is pushing National I.D. cards ... Britain already has them, (and though shown as failures in personal security), both countries insist it is wholly safe for the citizen.
if things like that aren't enough, I envision this seemingly harmless technology, which has such beneficial elements to it. As being used for more types of Government control of the populace.
Not sure of what I mean, a few examples of how this new Tech- could be used that might be considered volatile to an individual;

1) Forget old school Lie Detector machines, this 'NEW' Brain Scan Detector will 'Video-sca-tech' your brain in 'NEW' 720p HD!!!

2) Forget redlight cameras, This 'NEW' Intersection Brain Scanner will help your Police force, weed out the criminal element, by scanning the thoughts of the passers through, (oh and since your Nat. ID card has RFID tech- in it with your ID No., Name, Address, Dob, Credit cards, Banking No., Soc. Sec. #, and many other things, any criminal element with an IQ over 130 can build a system to hack this 'NEW' system and steal your info, and even your thoughts.)

Which leads me to no. 3:
3) ...Latest news today; the Illegal 'Brain Jacker' device, is causing undue unrest in the local suburbs, stealing the thoughts, plans, and secret information from passers bys brains. The police have no suspects and so are going home to home scanning locals brains for any information, via the Patriot Act.

I guess I started to rant, apologies around, however Knowledge is power and I thought I should let my readers know about this.
The more people are aware of new tech-, the more we can try to keep it under control, so things like this don't happen. Granted it may be futile, but i believe it is better to be at the forefront fighting for what you believe in and trying to make a change, than to be naively standing idle hoping that it isn't happening and that it will just go away.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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  1. I'm reminded of Order of the Stick... Belkar carrying a sheet of lead with him so the paladin couldn't use Detect Evil on him.