Sunday, January 18, 2009


Flawless, at least that's how we were...

January 18th, 2009 marks the celebration of my Sisters' 27th Birthday. I wish her all the wellness that is available in the Universe, and of course a very Happy Birthday!

My Sister, the one who used to aggravate me to no end, and on occasion still does, but nonetheless, she has been there for me countless times and I appreciated everyone.

Oddly this year not only marks the passing of an Age of the United States and ushers in a new President. It is the first year in many, many years that neither my Sister nor I will have seen each other for our Birthdays.

It was never required, but we always managed... The best party I remember ever holding for my birthday was in Downtown Chicago at a hole in the wall joint, with DJ's in two rooms, and ever small they were.

Yet my Sister had made it out so that was all that was important. Now to be honest my Birthday was attached to an event my DJ Company I worked for was throwing at the time, but it turned out OK and is probably my happiest birthday memory.

Now I became under the weather for my Sisters Birthday Party and She will be Jet Setting for mine. It all seems to cruel, everything... including getting older, yet I guess I can't be selfish I have a Sister that talks to me.

Other people are not always so fortunate, So in standard fashion that is "I";

Happy Birthday Sis'!!!
Your Numbers and Stars look good!
Don't lose the faith you hold onto!
I can't promise everything will be OK, but...
I will promise as long as I am here,
I will be here for you!
Thank you Sis' for all that you have done for me!
Thank you for being my family!
Thank you for being my Sister!
And, that is the difference...
Between 'Us' and 'Everyone Else'
(watashino imoutoha watashino yuujinha , otanjoubi omedetou)
[My sister my friend, happy birthday.]

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