Monday, January 19, 2009

Sinning from the Mark

As those who know Archery, to miss ones mark is to Sin from it. Now I don't believe my article on GAZA misses the mark, however after reading the article, "The World Supports Hamas? Of Course, They Do!" by Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.

I wanted to clarify that in my request for Israel to stop their Bombardment, and my opinion of their bad decisions based on historical fact, does not imply in anyway that I would ever support Hamas or any other group who uses Terror, Guerrilla tactics, thuggery and murder of it's own Citizens, as well as murdering and rape of children and adults alike.

I do believe Israel has a right to defend its sovereignty and protect it's Citizens from harm, yet I felt that as of the writing, that Israel could have made a better decision in its actions against Hamas.

The problem Israel is having is they are fighting terror groups who fight from within the innocent populations that they inhabit, just like the U.S. has had in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They question many of us table top politicians need to ask ourselves is, what would I do if I and or my family was being bombarded by bombs and missiles, suicide bombers where trying to get into my home and kill me and or my family and loved ones?
What would most anyone do?
Well I for one wouldn't stand by and let it happen, I would gather what supplies I had to defend myself with and take out as many as I could in hopes of collapsing the power base to the threat and or possibly removing the threat altogether.

Yet just like in Police shoot outs with criminals on a populated suburban or city street, innocent people will get harmed or even killed in the line of fire.
Now this may not be bombs or missiles, however it is connotative of the situation Israel is in, and it is damned if they do, damned if they don't.

The problem that occurred here is no one was taking into effect that Israel was defending itself against an originating attack by Hamas, they were just looking at the casualty count.

As Dr. Hanson said in so many words, 'War is not proportionate', and he is absolutely right!

I still believe though that Israel could have been a better judge in their assault and also, hitting a U.N. building is definitely indefensible.

Though in the end, I am against terrorist aggression of any kind and will invariably put my efforts as a Citizen of the United States and as a Member of the Human community to working towards a solution.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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  1. So you found the single refrence to Hamas in my entire blog. That's funny. I'm a French teacher and I noticed your French stuff on your blog. I hope that you were not too bothered by my 'hillbilly' English. I am an English teacher too. That's just the dialect that I think in. Hope you 'happen in' again at my blog.