Monday, January 12, 2009

"It's called a Lance. Hello?"

One of my all time favorite films is "A knight’s Tale", it is so because it is one of the most unique stories I have ever come to know, using age old material, for it is cheeky in comedy and so brilliant in verse.

Yet I am endearingly fascinated by this film, because it shows the strength of ones own character, it gives us charity to find new scope in life. To stand tall above the edifices of our poverty and find Hope.

Though most of all I like this film because it grasps that which is not just simple artifices, but will alone take hold of the heavens themselves and shake loose the firmament, so that one may change their stars.

Now Hope in all its glory and grandeur, is a very dangerous thing, it says to the people; the grass is greener, that the pockets are not empty, that the will of the individual will prevail, and that every Man, Woman, and Child will have a fair chance at life.
It can bring Kings to their knees, it can take money from the elite, and it can change the course of history. Hope is the Knight of the weak and powerless and the scourge of the powerful and greedy.

Yet it can also betray us our notions, when we give faith to those who preach false hope.
This Hope is what the Rich give to the poor, so that the poor will keep working. This Hope is what Militaries give to the common Man, before they are toted off to the killing fields of Politicians. This Hope is what Governments and leaders give to their Citizens so that the masses will follow blindly. In this case Hope seems to be a Man made device, filled with trickery and treachery, a fool’s errand.

Ahh... but only a fool would not see false hope from truth. Believing, all fragile hope entwined from hearts burden to the arrow shot stars of the fiery expanse of Heaven is the same.
Nay I say that it is welcome to all from pauper to prince, and the truth of it speaks verse and beauty in the blood of Man. That one should weep at the thought or even sound of its mention.

For Hope is the birthright of every Man, and is not a Trojan gift to be splayed by whit and whim. Hope when done right, takes no credit, nor golden halls, or takes any stately name or badge.

Deceivers and liars betray us their conscience, when spake they of Hope, whilst they consort with Devils.

One must remember; Hope comes from Will of action. It is the fear that begets courage; it is the Earth that holds Water and the Air that fuels Fire.

Those that claim fearlessness, I fear the most. For it is a Man with nothing to lose, who will throw away his kingdom.

That gives me no Hope, none at all, though a Man who knows fear and denies it not and yet has the Will to stand firm and the constitution to move forward.
Has courage enough for me and is in my own eyes as one holding the torch of Isis, shining Hope for all Mankind.

"A fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.", (Act 5, Scene 1: Shakespeare), and how foolish were the French to challenge the Right of Kings, how foolish were the American fore fathers to follow suit; give every Man Hope and say that each Man is a King and every home is his Kingdom and shall be protected as such.

I think they all knew they were foolish, but the difference between their Hope and our Hope today; is that every single person from Governor to laymen, from indentures servant to slave all had a very specific stake in the Hope that they all fought for to win.

Today, we have no real Hope to speak of; save the false Hope fed to us by our leaders, false Hope that leads us to believe we are in control of our lives. Lives of ease with material gratification at our finger tips, media distractions and the illusion of power.

While the Reality that no one accepts or bears in mind, is that we are locked into a debt of peonage, serving the national bankers and the interests of the elite.

Where? My loyal readers, is the Hope in that?

In the coming days and even years, we all Americans and the World alike, are to be pressed and fitted for a new age of Man. We have been primed, primped, and readied for at least 147 years since a document called the 'Hazard Circular', and we are in dire need of Hope again.

"Now is the winter of our discontent." (Act 1, Scene 1: Shakespeare). Yet tales being plainly told will yield honest speed best, and so as tales go; a Man of pauper lineage can dream of something greater than himself. Then by Will of heart and strength of character, reach up to Heaven and shake such firmament that grasp his stars and change his course, did he.

What is of a Man, is it lineage or is it heart, I believe heart is what makes a person great for lineage is no measure of a Man. The Hope that I see for every Man, Woman, and Child, and so I to in Hope of myself and those that may follow. That my future and my life will know better. That Man of every walk of life will heed this call of new Hope, and that I shall bring a heartfelt smile to my Father.

I will indeed grasp the Heavens to change my stars.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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  1. You already know my opinion on this since I told you in private, but to let the world know I think it's more than FACINATING, really impressing. You're the best!
    The fact that there is genious people like you gives hope :]