Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 44th President and Rumors of Change

So later on today, will be the swearing in of President Elect Barack Hussein Obama.

The last Eight Years of President George W. Bush's tirade and charade is to be over and that is a relief in a way to most Citizens out there.

This is definitely an historical occasion, but not for the reasons everyone believes.

Before I continue I will state that as an American, even though I did not place a vote for Obama, will put my support to him as President, but nothing else, (Not my Faith, Trust, or Belief).
I will hope against hope that Obama will do good for this country that is my Home and Life, I will hope that he will pull us from the clutches of the Foreign Bankers of which we have been under constant assail since 1871, and part of the reason for the 1929 and 2008 collapse of the American economic system, now lest I forget why I am writing I will leave that for a later point of discussion.

The first an foremost thing that is on the mind of many Americans is Obama's eligibility to be President due to the many questions and lawsuits raised against him due to his questionable Citizenship.

In defense, Obama did release his Hawaiian birth certificate, but only in digital and to this moment still refuses to relinquish the real item in question for scrutiny of legality.

The next thing that comes to mind is Kenya, Africa, and why is the Kenyan Government so readily inclined to put a Gag order on Obama's Kenyan relatives. They say it is to streamline answers and press statements to the Press, stating, ("We are doing this because we want to ensure better flow of information.), yet I recall historically that any government that imposes limitations on free speech does so, to do just that limit and control the flow of free speech and 99% of the time in an effort to hide something.
In any light it looks as if they don't want Obama's family from saying things that would cause question about Obama himself. As if that isn't curious enough, why is the Kenyan Government so interested in Obama anyways, (beside the fact that his father is from there and a man of great influence especially in regards to money, and no Obama's father is not from the Pauper origins as claimed.), when ever anyone, especially a Government expresses keen interest in anyone Person or thing, it is because they believe that they have a heavy stake in that one Person or thing, so any information to the contrary on behalf of that Person or thing wold be detrimental. Like Obama's relatives stating Obama himself was born in Kenya and then flown thereafter to Hawaii.
It is curious indeed.

It is also sad to see that a Man of Obama's supposed character, and the Would be President of the United States of America, cannot even Salute the Flag, (and even though that act itself has Socialist origins, it in my opinion is the one thing that shows respect for the country in which we abide and that by saluting we uniformly proclaim it so, making it an oath to defend her, to protect her, and to fight for her.), by Obama not saluting, this is also questionable and leaves me a bit worried. As an American he has a right to not salute, however, as President of the Country that he won't pledge allegiance to is quite scary indeed.
Obama also makes excuse why he won't wear the American flag on his person, he does make a good statement but it in my opinion is just an attempt to obscure the real reason behind it.

And for those that still don't believe that Obama lived in South-East Asia for five years, I just shake my head and wash my hands of you.

Now what about the 158 documented lies that Obama has been caught up in, where Obama told the American public one thing and it was either something else entirely and or a stretch of the actual truth.

What about www.change.gov, now according to Domain Naming Conventions in accordance with Federal Law a Dot Gov site is for all intensive purposes a site for Government only and Obama is not nor does he run a Government organization. So it looks as if someone in the GSA allowed Obama to have this site as a Dot Gov even though it appears to violate Federal Law.
It clearly, (when I review the site against the rules for a Dot Gov), does not meet the rules as such.

Or how about Barack's Socialist behavior in Illinois and with the Marxist and Communist run Labor Unions.
Obama stated in 2006 that;
The reason they don’t believe that government has a role in solving national problems is because they think government is the problem,” Obama said to approximately 1,500 people at the Kansas Democratic Party Washington Days convention.

Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, said Bush’s political philosophy consists of giving tax breaks and encouraging “everyone to go buy your own health care, your own retirement and security, your own child care, your own schools, your own private security forces, your own roads, your own levees.

“It’s called the ownership society. In our past there has been another name for it; it’s called social Darwinism. Every man or woman for him or herself,” he said.

I have to retort to Obama, that the United States were founded on the "Ownership Society", what every he wants to label it as, this is what made America so great, Ownership was one of the main foundations and principles we fought to gain from Great Britain and King George III, Our fore-fathers wanted the right to make or break themselves with out a governing control over that decision. They wanted the right to own their own land and defend it like the King had the right to, they wanted to practice their own religions or lack thereof safe from discrimination and persecution. The fore-fathers wanted the right to own things for themselves and not have government interfere and take away those things and others, like which are a part of what caused the Revolutionary War/Colonial Rebellion.

I again retort at Obama and his statement that the reason this country is in dire shape is because of Socialist and communistic reforms, laws and actions of those in our government posing to help out the pauper masses. Yes it is a win or lose Society and we should be willing to help those in our Society that are less fortunate, however that does not mean we support them.
Every person has an Inalienable right to support themselves, in our society the only responsibility we need to do for those who have fallen to poverty is give them the tools and education necessary to lift themselves. Anything else is a burden on society and becomes Socialism and Communism.

Like all of our State and Federally run welfare programs that are only a drain to the Society that supports them and does not promote healthy individualism but only government nanny-ship.
(on a side note Wisconsin seems to be the only State to have incorporated welfare reforms which give strong incentive to the participant to get off of the program. instead of leaching off the program, not working, having more baby's, buying cars cell phones, cable, satellite, home entertainment, etc., with their welfare checks, and being a complete drain to those in society who actually work for a living to afford just those same things.)

I would like to get something for nothing, so do many people, it is in our nature. Especially for those of us living in the U.S. market where there are so many choices for food and product, that we can't even make a choice or even at times afford those choices. But the fact remains is that those who are maliciously feeding off the welfare system. Do so because they feel it is their right to do so, their right to not work, and it is no different than stealing the money out of the hard working Americans pocket who earned it in the first place.

That is Socialism in a nut shell, it tells us in so many words that the Government is your parent, the only good choices are those by your leaders, and social welfare is a positive and productive element. Even though, the Government does not know what is best for my children, just as I do not necessarily know what is best for my Neighbors. Even though the decisions of my leaders have cost me my hard earned money, cost me my freedoms, cost me my job, cost me every single day. Even though I meet more and more people on welfare who claim that they will never work again, because it is not lucrative for them like welfare is.

Is that what Socialism brings us?
It seems to me it is and the facts and truths are all around us to see. Socialism just like Communism leads to only one set of things; the controlling elite make all the money, control all the usage of rights. While the working masses work more hours for less money and they see less of it because their hard earned dollar is supporting the growing masses on welfare and social programs. Programs that support for free those who do not work, and here in the U.S. even those who are not even citizens.
This includes things like progressive income tax, (which taxes a person more the more they make and so making it next to impossible to ever reach the wealth bracket), the removal of Habeus Corpus, the right to defend ones self and family, the right of free speech and on it goes till their is only squalor and mindless automatons left.

Does Obama really offer us change, change for the betterment of the whole of the United States of America?
Does this change mean we will once again go back to our roots, find our libertarian selves and shine to that of the world that hates our successes because they believe it is a mockery to their elitist wealth and control?
Or do we buckle under the current system of socialist oppression and let it get further out of hand so that all that we hold dear gets sold off to foreign interests, bankers, and elite and our laws are no longer our own.
Where we become like Europe and the rest of the World who suffers almost daily from Islamic terrorism and unrest in their cities and towns, and other such deviant malcontents.

Honestly I believe it will be a hard road, I don't know if Obama will take the hard road and prove all of us patriots and naysayers wrong and for once set things right.
Or that he will take the road paved in glitter and gold and suffer us our worst fears.

I Hope against Hopes that Obama as President, will not only make an effort but prove steadfast in protecting our Inalienable Rights and encourage the growth of the values set forth in the foundation of our society and bring our country back to its strengths in the face of all the World criticism.

I hope that he is not the 'Manchurian Candidate' that many claim he is, I hope with all my Soul that I am wrong about Obama.

Yet sadly all it is I believe, is just the fading wisps of Hope.

I challenge President Obama; May he prove me wrong.

R. William Holzkopf Jr.

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